Australia Immigration Program

Australia is the 6th largest country in the world that provides you a plethora of opportunities. With the robust economy and sunny beaches, it is an ideal destination to immigrate. The high skilled workforce offers you great working opportunities as well as diverse cultures and communities.

Immigrating to Australia

If you are immigrating to Australia from India then:

  • Your occupation has to be in a designated occupation lists like MLTSSL/STSOL/ROL
  • Get the skill assessment from the assessing authority
  • If the candidate is getting sponsorship under or nomination, then he or she has to get the nomination and sponsorship from the Australian State or Territory.
  • If the profile gets selected, receives the invitation, then the candidate has to submit the application within 60 days of visa approval.

Immigrating to Australia via Subclasses

Subclass 189 (Skilled Independent) – A permanent residency to live and work around anywhere in Australia. The applicant will have to score at least 65 for the assessment and also meet the desired criteria for the General Skilled Immigration. The subclass 189 is for a skilled immigrant who does not have any sponsorship or state nomination, family member, job offer.

Subclass 190 (Skilled Nominated) – Under this subclass of PR visa, the candidate can live and settle in Australia. The only condition is that the candidate must be nominated by state or territory government. Upon receiving the visa, the candidate will have to reside and work professionally in the sponsoring state or territory.

Subclass 491 (State/Territory nominated)  – The Subclass 491 is a Skilled Work Regional (Provincial Visa) introduced in November 2019. It’s for those skilled workers who are nominated by the state or territory government or becomes eligible due to a family member residing in the specific area in Australia. The candidate has to stay in the region of Australia for specific time

Benefits of Immigrating to Australia 

  • An Environment-friendly country to inhabit
  • Top economies in terms of business and education
  • Multicultural and offers ‘lifestyle superpower’around the globe as per BBC
  • Best healthcare facilities and medical research
  • Emerging educational hub for the youth.
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