Quebec Skilled Worker Immigration

Quebec is the largest province in Canada with the most beautiful cities in the country and French as it’s the official language. Montreal is the business hub of Canada, especially the IT and AI sectors. The lucrative market and the fascinating set-up bring out ample innovation for business. Due to its establishing economy, Quebec attracts thousands of people and invites them to settle in the French province.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Each province in Canada is given rights in picking up the right candidates for the economic well-being of the country. However, Quebec was the first province who has the authority in selecting the immigrants.

The Skilled Worker Program is designed for the candidates who have the right skills and talent that will bring the contribution to Quebec. Applicants need to claim certain points under the QSW Points Assessment Grid. One notable point to keep in mind is that even after being a French province, there’s no compulsion of proficiency in the language.

Quebec’s Expression of Interest and Arrima Portal

In 2018 Quebec introduced the Expression of Interest system. The motive behind is to improve the process of Quebec applications. With this, the applicants who are interested in moving to Quebec need to create Expression of Interest profile with the help of Arrima Portal. Applicants who are successfully invited under QSWP are issued Quebec Selection Certificate (QSW) and thereon apply for permanent residency.

Eligibility for QSWP

Below are the basic requirements for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

  • The applicant must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Proficient in English or French.
  • Must have an education qualification demonstrating the related work experience.

Benefits of Getting Permanent Residency in Quebec

  • The province does not only offer a strong economy, but also provides you immigration friendly programs to attract newcomers globally.
  • Superior education, healthcare benefits, and of course, a safe environment.
  • The urban infrastructure and metropolitan lifestyle make it perfect for the families to settle in Quebec.
  • Quebec is the only province in Canada that gives additional points for the kids.
  • Quebec is the only province where there is no requirement of ECA, proof of funds, and with minimum IELTS score you might become eligible for the program.

How Do We at OSI Help You? 

Apart from the comprehensive and quality work we provide, OSI proudly specializes in the Québec Skilled Worker Program. Our expert team consistently does the follow up for our clients. Having 100’s of approval in QSWP, we keep on striving for the successful journey in Immigration Industry.

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