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Director Message

What we are trying to achieve here at OSI is to create a wholesome environment for our clients and employees alike. Happy employees make clients happy. However, happiness doesn’t just mean a higher salary or lucrative incentives! Of course, as business owners, revenue would and should be a priority, but we also want to make sure our team gets something valuable apart from monetary gains. Hence, having a clear vision, we strive to ensure our team achieves personal and professional growth parallelly with the company’s growth.

Current opening


  • 1. Counsellor - PR/Immigration
  • 2. Back Office Executive - Student Visa
  • 3. Counsellor - Student Visa
  • 4. Content Writer - Marketing
  • 5. Front Desk Executive - Marketing
  • 6. Tele Counsellor - Marketing

Ahmedabad Vacancies

VV Nagar

  • 1. Sr. Counsellor - Student Visa
  • 2. Counsellor - PR/Immigration
  • 3. Back Office Executive - Student Visa
  • 4. Sr. Trainer - Language Training

VV Nagar Vacancies