Canada PNP Entrepreneur Visa

Canada is popular investment destination among business leaders from across the globe. One of the easiest countries to do business, Canada offers…

  • Business friendly policies
  • Easy access to funds
  • Growing market economy
  • Low rate of interest etc.

Under provincial programs, business owners and senior managers can invest in new or existing businesses and secure permanent residency for family.

Min. Net Worth Min. Investment
British Columbia CAD 600000 CAD 200000
Manitoba CAD 500000 CAD 250000
Saskatchewan CAD 500000 CAD 200000
New Brunswick CAD 600000 CAD 250000
Nova Scotia CAD 600000 CAD 150000

SINP Farm Owner and Operator

A unique program for farmers to get PR by investing and undertaking farming activities in Saskatchewan province.  Saskatchewan is considered bread basket of Canada. Under this program eligible farmers with minimum net worth of CAD 300000(for applicants below 40 years of age) and CAD 500000 (for applicants above 40 years of age) with relevant experience can apply.

  • IELTS and education are not mandatory
  • Exploratory visit to Saskatchewan for five working days is mandatory
  • CAD 75,000 good faith deposit after receiving approval

Invest after landing with PR

How does OSI help you?

We have strong network of immigration lawyers, agents, consultants in Canada. We not only process your file but we also assist you to find profitable business in Canada.  OSI provides following services to investors.

  • Counselling and in depth assessment
  • Due diligence
  • Facilitate exploratory visit
  • Business sourcing
  • Business plan creation
  • File submission
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