Home Support Worker Pilot Program – PR Opportunity for Caregivers in Canada

Canada is inviting foreign workers in the country to work as a Caregiver through a separate pilot program. A candidate who does have qualifying experience, mainly nursing in India can apply for the Home Support Worker Pilot Program. An applicant can move to Canada on occupation restricted open work permit. After gaining 24 months of experience as a caregiver, applicant can apply for PR.

A qualified applicant

  • Must have min. Two years of relevant work experience. In India nursing is one of the most relevant professions for a caregiver’s role.
  • Must have 5 bands in each IELTS module with spoken fluency in English.
  • Must acquire job offer from Canadian employer with written contract.

How Does the Process for Home Support Worker Pilot Program Work? 

  • Appear for an interview conducted by qualifies employers or staffing agencies.
  • Apply for work permit and permanent residency together under the Home Support Worker Pilot Program.
  • If the candidate demonstrates the eligibility criteria then, he or she will get the work permit.
  • The work permit is an occupation restricted open work permit and allows you to work with the employer.
  • To get permanent residency, the candidate must work for 24 months in the same occupation.

The best pathway to Canada PR!!

  • Under Home Support Pilot, an applicant gets two years of work permit
  • Language requirement (CLB 5) is far less than other programs
  • Genuine job from the day of landing in Canada with regular income
  • Family members can accompany the candidate with open work permit and study permit.
  • Processing time is 6 to 8 months only

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