PTE stands for Pearson Test of English which the embassies and employers use for the assessment of a candidate. Besides, PTE is also the world’s leading computer delivered test for the candidates who wish to study or immigrate overseas. The results are declared within 5 days after exam.  

The test dates are available throughout the year with 250 centers international.   

PTE Exam Pattern

  • There are 4 modules in PTE i.e. listening, reading, writing, and speaking. But, it is divided into three sections. 
  1. Speaking and Writing  
  2. Listening  
  3. Reading  
  • The total of PTE scored is calculated on the sum of three sections.  
  • The scoring of PTE is from 10-90 where 10 is lowest and increment of 1 point.  
  • An important point to remember is that the points are represented in form of graph to understand the applicant’s skill and core areas. 

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