General Requirements for Study Abroad

Student Visas (Study Abroad)

Student Visas are visas issued to applicants whose primary purpose of the visit is to abroad for further education. Getting admission in the university is important but most important is to get all the required legal documents arranged. There are different immigration laws in different countries. It could vary from requirement of documents to proof of funds acceptable to what visas would let you do apart from studying in the country.

Student Visas are classified into two types:

Student Visa – Based on Program’s Duration
  • The length and tenure of the program decide whether the applicant has to go for Short-term Student Visas or Long-term Student Visas.
  • The short-term visas are for those students who are planning for a short course or a diploma certificate course. The entire duration is often limited to 90 days (3 months).
  • Long-term visas are for students planning to take up a degree course extending beyond the 3 month period. It could include the internships and certificate programs and so on.
 Student Visa – Based on Type of Program/ Student
  • Some countries classify student visas based on the level of degree they have applied for e.g. undergraduate, graduate or doctoral etc. Duration or tenure does not matter.

Documents Required for Student Visa Application


  • A valid passport is required. The requirement of the validity of your passport might vary.


  • If you are applying for a student visa, you must be able to prove that you are a bonafide student. Proof of this can be given by producing the confirmation of admission done by an educational institution of the country which you have applied for.


  • Most of the countries would require you to prove that the college expenses and the tuition expenses will be taken care of, apart from that they will also require proof that you have the requisite funds to afford your stay in that country for the intended study period.


  • Most important of all is Language in which the person will be communicating. As most of the students prefer English speaking countries, they would require you to provide proof of language i.e. whether a person is able to communicate effectively in English language (written and verbal both). There are different courses designed for English language test and it depends on which country a person want to migrate based on that he or she needs to take up that test. They are IELTSTOEFL, and PTE.

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