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Australia is one of the most happening and cosmopolitan places in the world. It’s also the sixth-largest country in the world that offers a high standard of education. Apart from that, there are many programs for students that are relevant to today’s industries. The universities are recognized globally and ranked among the top 100 in the world.     

  • International recognition   
  • Impressive and famous education system    
  • Third most popular destination   
  • Diverse range of courses    
  • Quality of scientific research and technology   
  • Suitable climate and elite lifestyle   
  • Good job opportunities post-study   

Australia has some of the best universities in the world. With a wide range of courses offered and plenty of benefits, students can gain the quality of education and lifestyle as compared to other countries. Because of the growing economy and career opportunities, students opt for studying in Australia.  

As in comparison with other countries, getting a student visa is much easier in Australia. Once you meet the specific requirement and qualify for the visa, you will be enrolled in the full-time study and apply under subclass 500.  

Cost of Studying in Australia   

Courses like arts, education, humanities are much cheaper than that of engineering and mathematics. For post-graduation studies, the fees change from universities and largely depends upon the selection of your course.   

The major intakes in Australia   

When it comes to Australia, there are major two intakes that take place throughout the year.   

Intake 1 i.e. semester 1 which begins in February is the primary intake.   

Intake 2 i.e. semester 2 which starts in July and available   

Student Application for Work Authorization Requirements   

  • The student must be of 18 years or above  
  • When it comes to an international students, they can work up to 20 hours per week. But, if you are working as an academic assistant, then there is no limitation.   
  • The international students studying in Australia cannot be freelancers or self-employed.   
  • Right after the completion of graduation, the student can apply for the temporary graduate visa i.e. subclass 485.    
  • If you are married and wish to bring a spouse along with you in Australia, then they have equal and similar rights as much as of any spouse in Australia except they must hold a work permit to apply for a dependent visa.   

Australia Visa Requirements   

  • Here are the basic Australia student visa requirements.   
  • The student visa in Australia falls under the category of subclass 500.  
  • To become eligible as a student visa, you need to opt for a full-time course.    
  • The validity of the visa is for five years.   
  • Alongside, the course you are selecting must be registered with the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas for Overseas Students i.e. CRICOS.   
  • Issued an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment ( eCOE) certificate   
  • GTE Statement – Genuine Temporary Entrant   
  • Passport-sized photographs   
  • Scanned or notarized copy of academic documents   
  • Accurate result copy of your professional English test   
  • Proof of monetary expenses   

If there are any other requirements, the university or college will inform.   

Once, you have completed the graduation, masters or doctoral degree, then you become eligible for a post-study work permit under the subclass of 485.   

The international students who become eligible with the graduate skills will relate to the occupation of Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL). For 18 months the visa is granted under this stream.   

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