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Things are changing at a rapid pace with more students opting to study in Canada. The country is welcoming students from all over the world. Canada is consistently preserving prestige as a global education hub. It is becoming the country of choice for world-wide students as it offers you plenty of benefits.    

  • Quality of Education    
  • Lower tuition fees for international students    
  • Permanent Residency and Immigration    
  • Bilingual nation and safe to study    
  • Work during and after the co-op program    
  • Research and internship opportunities   

If you are looking to study in Canada for a program that is more than 6 months, OSI will help you out in selecting the pathway. And if you are planning to study for less than 6 months then you will require a TRV or visitor visa.   

Here’s an overview of the requirements for Canada student visa.   

  • Educational Qualification   
  • The minimum educational qualification for the students is a minimum of 50% from a UGC or AICTE.   
  • Another important point to keep in mind is that the client must have completed his or her education within the given period.   
  • The client should also not have more than 10 backlogs in their graduation time.   

Post Graduation Work Permit   

Any student who desires to study in Canada and stay back for the work permit must opt for the course which is more than eight months. If the client selects a program that is less than eight months then he/she will not be allowed to stay back.  

If the client is pursuing education which is of more than two years then he/she is eligible in gaining the post-graduation work permit. For a two-year diploma/master’s program, the student will get 3 years of post-graduation work permit.  

Major Intakes in Canada   

Canadian colleges and universities start receiving the applications before the major intakes. Sometimes, Intakes are also referred to as semester in some of the colleges and universities.   

Here are major intakes of Canada   

Fall Semester – Most popular and Favourable intake in September   

Winter Semester – This intake begins in the month of January   

Summer Semester – Lastly, this intake starts in April or May but it offers you very limited programs  

Hence our student visa counsellor always suggests applying in advance and having an array of courses to select from. It is highly recommended to apply before 6-9 months of the academic year.   

Criteria For the Student Application Work Authorization   

  • The student must be 18 years of age or above   
  • The best part of being an international student is that you get to work off-campus for 20 hours. And during your breaks like winter or summer, work full-time without the need for a work permit.   
  • Also, if you are applying for a student visa after a certain gap of studies, then you will have to show the documents or proof of working in the desired field.   
  • If you are married, then your spouse will be getting the same rights as any of the other spouses in Canada. But only work-permit holders can opt for the dependent visa.   

Tuition Fees in Canada   

The tuition fees in Canada vary from Province to Province. But, overall it is affordable for international students than any of the other countries. On average, the fees will range from CAD 7000 – CAD 35000 for a year. Within the cost of study, it will also comprise other factors like living expenses, student visa application fees, and more.   

Canada Student Visa Requirement   

Once, you consult OSI, our student visa counsellor shall provide you with a checklist that shows about the Canada student visa requirement.   

Here’s what you need   

  • Valid passport  
  • Scanned copies of your 10th, 12th and degree certificates   
  • Academic and employer references   
  • Statement of Purpose   
  • Acceptance letter from the institution   
  • Proof of payment and the financial funds  
  • English proficiency test results   
  • Study and work permit visa   

Apart from the above-mentioned, the requirements might change from colleges to universities. One of the most crucial parts about student visa is we suggest is to do your research. Find out more about universities and colleges. Decide where you want to study, live, career opportunities, overall fees, and most important – what you want to study. 

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