Study in Canada

Study in Canada

Canada is rapidly becoming one of the most favorite destinations among international students and professionals who are willing to immigrate.

The country offers a distinct range of universities and abundant natural resources. Ottawa, the capital of Canada, Calgary, Regina, Toronto, and Vancouver are some of the most populated cities in Canada.

Canada ranks high in terms of quality of life. The government also maintains transparency with its citizens in terms of education and economic freedom. Besides, Canada is also ranked as one of the safest countries in the world. Every year the country invites 250, 000 immigrants from across the globe for Canada PR. After offering all the mentioned benefits and more, Canada is a brilliant destination for millions around the world.

If you are an ardent nature lover then Canada turns out to be one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. It brings you sheer delight to watch the incredible nature and scenic beauty that it has to offer.

The country leads the finest education system. An individual must study till one is 18 years old. Canada proudly boasts about having top-ranked universities in the country. One of the fundamental reasons to study in Canada is the practical approach and hands-on theoretical knowledge that universities offer to the students.

After considering all the above points, it is safe to say that Canada is a preferred destination for overseas education.

Why Study In Canada?

With so many education consultancies coming into the market, it becomes very vague to find the genuine one for your future aspirations. At OSI, our study visa consultants give you the right guidance from beginning to end.
Wondering why you should study in Canada? Here are some of the reasons.

•First-rate education system in the world
•Environment friendly and abundance of natural resources
•Practical driven approach for studies
•Second highest among G-8 countries
•Rich lifestyle yet low cost of living
•Wide range of courses available for the students
•Colleges and universities offer cooperative work program that gives student chance of working in their related field thereby earning credits for the same
•Work while you study
•Post-graduation work permit
•Post settlement options available in terms of permanent residency

Education System In Canada
Certificate course – a qualification awarded upon the completion of the course which is usually 1 year long.

Diploma – a qualification awarded upon the completion of 1 or 2 years of study.

Bachelor’s Degree – qualification awarded by the universities, colleges, community colleges upon the completion of 4 years of study.
Post Graduate/Diploma courses – The programs are the gateway to pursuing a master’s degree. Generally, it lasts for 12-17 weeks that gives you experience and practical knowledge.
Master’s Degree – For those who wish to pursue post-graduation can opt for a Master’s. The duration is 2 years.
Doctorate/Ph.D. – Post master’s a doctorate/Ph.D. requires 4-7 years of completing it.

Visa Requirements For Canada Student Visa

If you are looking to study in Canada for a program that is more than 6 months, OSI will help you out in selecting the pathway. And if you are planning to study for less than 6 months then you will require a TRV or visitor visa.
Here’s an overview of the requirements for a Canada student visa.
* Educational Qualification
* The minimum educational qualification for the students is a minimum of 50% from a UGC or AICTE.
* Another important point to keep in mind is that the client must have completed his or her education within the given period.
* The client should also not have more than 10 backlogs in their graduation time.

Major Intakes in Canada
Canadian colleges and universities start receiving the applications before the major intakes. Sometimes, Intakes are also referred to as semester in some of the colleges and universities.

Here are major intakes of Canada
Fall Semester – Most popular and Favourable intake in September
Winter Semester – This intake begins in January
Summer Semester – Lastly, this intake starts in April or May but it offers you very limited programs
Hence our student visa counsellor always suggests applying in advance and having an array of courses to select from. It is highly recommended to apply before 6-9 months of the academic year.

Student Visa Document Checklist

Once, you consult OSI, our student visa counsellor shall provide you with a checklist that shows the Canada student visa requirement.
Here’s what you need
* Valid passport
* Scanned copies of your 10th, 12th, and degree certificates
* Academic and employer references
* Statement of Purpose
* Acceptance letter from the Canadian colleges/universities
* Proof of payment and the financial funds
* English proficiency test results
Apart from the above-mentioned, the requirements might change from colleges to universities. One of the most crucial parts about student visas is we suggest is to do your research. Find out more about universities and colleges. Decide where you want to study, live, career opportunities, overall fees, and most important – what you want to study.

Why…To consult With OSI?
At OSI, our student visa counsellors assist you at every step. Starting from selecting the destination to courses – we have got your back.

Our team aims in delivering a seamless experience for the students. We firmly believe in offering a transparent approach that aids in building a cordial relationship.

Apart from that, we also provide you IELTS coaching, post-study permit till Canada PR. Under one roof you get services for yourself and your family.

So, don’t wait for the opportunity. It’s already knocking at your door. Apply now for a Canada student visa only through us.
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