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Study in Europe    

Europe has world-class opportunities for international students. With a plethora of options to select, Europe is an ideal destination for the students who are seeking knowledge and exposure to the European job market.    

  • Renowned universities of the world    
  • Exposure to European countries   
  • Free education and scholarships   
  • Possibilities for arts, business, & science    
  • Multicultural environment  

A well-established education system with prestigious career prospects, Europe is a perfect destination for students to study. Besides, the student also gets a chance to explore the European market and find a way to their career path.  

Cost of Studying in Europe  

As mentioned earlier, the cost of studying in Europe largely depends upon the universities, courses, and of course, the country that you are selecting. Bachelor’s degree the cost starts from 8,600 Euro and goes up. For a Master’s degree, the cost will be starting from 10,170 Euro and more.  

Student Visa Requirements for Europe  

  • Visa application form of the country  
  • Must meet the basic criteria i.e. age, and education qualifications  
  • Valid passport  
  • Proof of documents to show the financial status    
  • Scanned copies of your educational qualifications  
  • English proficiency test results  

  Intakes in Europe  

Different countries in Europe have their own intakes especially based on the university level. Here are two common intakes.  

Intake 1 – Fall intake – begins in late August ends in December and again begins in January  

Intake 2 – Spring Intake – starts in January and ends in early May. 


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