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UK is considered to be the leading destination for studies. If we reflect upon it, it has produced some of the finest minds in the world. The UK is the world’s most favoured destination to study among international students. It has the world’s best universities that hold value worldwide.    

  • Stunning scenery and architecture    
  • Multicultural society    
  • World-class education services   
  • Health and safety communities   
  • Best place to study and learn English   
  • Scholarships offered to students   
  • Best research and internship opportunities   

The degrees offered in the UK are of high value and acceptable all around the world. Besides, the students are able to develop and improve their skills that help in their careers.   

Cost of Studying in the UK   

The cost of studying in the UK varies from country to country and of course the course you are selecting. For an undergraduate program, it will be around £6,000 to £16,000 yearly. For a postgraduate master’s program, it will be £10,000 to £20,000 yearly.   

Major Intakes in the UK   

Some of the colleges in the UK refer to Intake as a term. The academic year begins from September to July.  

Intake 1 which is Term 1 begins in September and October that is major intake.   

Intake 2 which is the Term 2 commences in January and February is available.   

Intake 3 which is the Term 3 starts in May and June that offers you only limited courses.   

Student Application for Work Authorization   

Like any other country, the UK also demands the same requirement for work authorization.   

  • Students must be 18 years of age or above.   
  • International students are allowed to work part-time 20 hours per week. Each university has mentioned its academic calendar about the holidays. Hence, according to that, you can work full-time as well.   
  • When it comes to the spouse, it is a tad different than the rest of the countries. The dependant cannot work as a doctor. But, if the spouse is of high skilled then he or she can secure the Tier 2 licensed employer sponsorship but won’t be able to switch the country to Tier 2 General Visa.   

UK Student Visa Requirements   

  • A valid passport and other documentations for travel   
  • Proof of financial funds to sustain during the study   
  • CAS reference number i.e. Confirmation Reference Acceptance for Studies   
  • Passport size photographs   
  • English proficiency test results   

Other requirements will differ from university and colleges that they shall let you know before the application.  



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