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Studying in the USA gives you international exposure, acceptability and of course, reputation. Students have the opportunity of selecting courses from the best universities and colleges. Apart from classroom studies, there are several extracurricular activities.     

  • Top ranking institutions    
  • Flexible in the selection of courses    
  • Financial assistance    
  • Advanced technology and research   
  • Learn and earn with a professional approach    
  • Healthy and interesting campus lifestyle   
  • Immense support to international students   

Studying in the USA provides you with the best platform especially among international students. The country’s education is considered superior to both practical and theoretical learning.   

Here is a basic eligibility requirement for studying in the USA  

For a student to gain admission in any of the US degree or pathway programs, the students need to meet certain eligibility.  

  • Academic qualification – the student must have good grades in high school, diploma, or undergraduate degree which is equivalent to the GPA of your desired degree.  
  • English level proficiency – one must have an advanced level of English proficiency that will help in starting the education in the USA. Here is the following English language exam the universities accept. But, again it varies from university and colleges so be mindful about it. 
    International English Language Testing System 
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language 
  • Pearson Test of English  

Upcoming Intake in the USA    

The universities and colleges have major 3 intakes in the USA.  

  • The first intake is in the fall semester which begins from August/September  
  • The second intake is in spring semester which commences from January/February  
  • The third and last intake is in the summer semester which starts from May/June for specific courses.  

Student Application for Work Authorization  

  • The student must be 18 years of age or above.  
  • During the academic terms going on, the student can work 20 hours off-campus. And full time during the academic break.  
  • A vital point to remember is that you must have legal status and be enrolled in an F1 student in the US for at least one year of academics to get off-campus employment.  
  • Any only married couples can get the dependant visa as per the regulations of the US government. But, the dependent visas do have certain restrictions.  

Cost of Studying in the USA  

There are basically two types of institutions in the USA. The first one is public-funded and the second is private funded. For an international student, approximately $10,000 to $65,000 is annually required.  

F1 Student Visa Requirement  

  • Valid passport  
  • Passport size photographs  
  • Confirmation page DS-160  
  • Form I-20  
  • Payment of application fees  
  • Application as a non-immigrant  

Apart from the above-mentioned requirements, the university shall inform you prior to that of application.  

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