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Spoken English

In the recent past, multiple individuals are devoting their time to studying English as a second language. Countries like India are exposing their young ones to the English language as early as 1st or 2nd grade. In advanced economies, the advantage of knowing the language of English is insane. This will help them in getting better jobs and explore English-speaking nations without the barrier of language. In today’s technology-equipped world, this becomes even more successful as nearly half of the content on the internet is in English as it is considered a universally accepted mode for communication.

At OSI, we will help you command the English language by helping you brush your skills with basic English grammar which are further polished and enhanced in Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking skills. We strive to provide a learning environment, where we aid in regional languages to ease the transition into the English language. A holistic approach is taken into consideration as there will be other students in the same boat and this will help you to create a great learning environment. In addition to this, we work with smaller batches so that we can cater to the personal attention of our esteemed students.

Once your cruise through this journey, you will be confident to speak in English and grasp others speaking the same language. Additionally, this will help you jump-start your aspirations to study in a foreign land as well as land your dream job. This enhancement will not only boost your professional growth but help in creating a better society with your contributions towards motivating other people to pick English as a secondary language.