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How to use cohesive devices in IELTS writing?

Cohesive devices, is the second name of linking words. Linking words are never used properly by students who are preparing for IELTS Writing.

Cohesive devices are words like “Moreover, However, in conclusion” are used without knowing when and exactly where to use such words. Many students might be unaware of the fact that coherence along with cohesion provides 25% of marks in both parts of the Writing test. But sadly most students have no idea how to use it.

Cohesive devices assist the reader understand a sentence and explain the reader what exactly we want to convey in writing. They also try to indicate the reader the relationships that is formed between different sentences, clauses, and paragraphs.

Students generally tend to use cohesive devices in nearly every sentence which might affect their bands. If students have observed IELTS Writing Marking Criteria then they might have noticed that it says Band 7 ‘uses many of cohesive devices. Though there is a possibility that there might be some under or overuse of cohesive devices. Students think that if they will use more cohesive devices they will get good marks so they end up overusing it to get good score. But this is a myth which needs to be addressed. Unfortunately when the students overuse Cohesive devicesthey tend to make more mistakes. Then their score may be reduced to Band 5.

If the students want to score Band 8 and 9 then they must make correct use of cohesive devices with correct grammar and meaning.