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Things to consider about Express Entry before July 2023

It is difficult to submit a profile to the Express Entry pool. The process is very tedious but if it is done correctly then you may just get through it. It may seem like simple process, but it’s important to take the time to get it right. As we all know that immigration application could depend on a strong CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) course, there are many ways to improve your Express Entry score. You just need to be careful about certain points while preparing Express Entry profile.

The candidate can include their dependent family members in their Express Entry profile. The list of dependent family members include: spouse or common-law partner, dependent child, spouse or common-law partner’s dependent child.

Dependent family members can come in the category of either ‘accompanying’ or ‘not accompanying’, depending on the fact that they will be immigrating or not. The main point is that the candidate must include all dependents whether or not they are coming with you.If you miss to include any of your dependents on your application, you will not be able to sponsor them later. Some of the family members like: Parents, Grandparents, Brother or sister, Uncle or Aunt, Nephew or Niece cannot be including as dependents on your Express Entry profile.

The IELTS are the most important English language proficiency test to evaluate your ability in English. It plays an important role in calculating CRS score that can easily be improved. Thus it is advisable that whilethe candidate waiting for your documents to come through, he or she must prepare for IELTS. TO help you there are many online material to study for the IELTS. As language test results are valid for two years, you can take the test multiple times and improve your score.

Another important point is to that the candidate does not leave any information about employment history. This is because any kind of omission of information may be considered misrepresentation and this is a serious offense. Even though the job is not important you should still include it in your profile. You don’t lose any points for unskilled work. The most common mistake that the candidate do is to guess the answer that they don't know. The candidate cannot afford to do this because the candidate needs to prove everything that he or she claim in their profile. Thus it is better that you do not guess any question and answer only when you are sure about an answer.