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The United Kingdom has opened a new route to the UK for graduates from the world’s finest colleges

A good news is that – students who are graduate from the world’s top 50 non-UK universities, this applies to Indian students, can now stay and work in Britain on the basis of a new High Potential Individual (HPI) visa route. This is done to attract the best talent around the world ignoring their nationality. Those people who will be successful in applying will be given two-year work visa. Three-year visa will be offered to those with a PhD, where they don’t need a specific job offer in hand.

The main reason behind doing this is that - UK wants to grow as a leading international hub for creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. UK is an excellent place to live as it always encourages brilliant start-ups and R&D. This initiative will motivate world’s top graduate to enhance their skills from prestigious universities.

The new HPI visa route might cost around GBP 715 and will give the facility to bring in dependents or close family members. The condition is that an applicant applying under this route should have funds of at least GBP 1,270. Secondly the institute which is chosen must be outside of the UK and must have featured in the top 50 of at least two of the three rankings for the year in which the applicant was awarded the qualification.

The applicant can opt other routes like “Graduate, Skilled Worker and Global Talent route,” to make their career. For talented students top 50 Global Institutes are sorted from three of the world’s most reliable university rankings lists. These institutions are widely cited by the education system and used in immigration systems globally.

The vision behind taking this step is a thought that HPI visa will attract talented graduates at the early stages of their careers. However international students, including Indians, who are studying in the UK at any of the top universities, are already eligible to stay for up to three years through the Graduate visa – popularly referred to as a post-study work visa. This change is a part of modification in the country’s immigration system after leaving the European Union (EU).